What to Expect from Google Upcoming News Update: AI-Driven Features for Personalized Themes

Published December 14, 2023
Author: Ash Khan

What to Expect from Google Upcoming News Update: AI-Driven Features for Personalized Themes

Published December 14, 2023
Author: Ash Khan

Chrome, the popular web browser, is set to release an upcoming Google news update that introduces exciting AI-driven features for personalized themes. These features aim to enhance user experience by allowing them to create custom themes on their desktops. With the implementation of generative AI technology, users will have access to a wide range of options for creating unique and visually appealing themes. In this article, we will explore the new features that are expected to be introduced in the Chrome update and delve into the potential benefits they offer.

Customize Chrome with AI: Create Your Own Themes

One of the key features that will be introduced in the Google news update is the ability to generate custom themes using AI. This feature, called “Create Theme with AI,” builds upon the existing “Customize Chrome” tool by offering users a broader range of options and customization possibilities. Users will be prompted to choose a subject from 12 different categories, including objects in space, famous US cities, and notable locations worldwide such as the Great Wall of China. Once a subject is selected, users can further customize their themes by choosing a specific art style, be it an oil painting or a 3D animation.

The AI-driven theme creation process doesn’t stop there. Users will also have the option to fine-tune their creations by selecting a mood and adjusting the color palette. For example, a user creating a theme based on the solar system can choose a romantic undertone. Once all the customization options have been selected, users can click the “Create” button to generate their very own personalized theme.

Experimental Tech: Chrome Canary and Create Theme with AI

It is worth noting that the Create Theme with AI feature is currently exclusive to Chrome Canary, an experimental version of the browser primarily intended for developers who want to try out Google’s cutting-edge technology. While this means that the feature may not work as intended at this stage, it offers a glimpse into the future direction of Chrome’s software development.

To access the Create Theme with AI feature, users can download Chrome Canary, which is available for all users with no restrictions. However, it is important to exercise caution as Canary is an experimental version and may be unstable. Google warns users that enabling nascent features in Canary could potentially result in browser data loss or compromise security.

It is important to note that not all features tested in Canary are guaranteed to be included in future releases. However, these tests provide insights into the direction Google is taking with its software development. If the Create Theme with AI feature does make it to a future release, it may undergo further changes in terms of appearance or functionality.

Help Me Write: AI Assistance for Contextual Writing

In addition to the Create Theme with AI feature, another AI-driven tool called “Help Me Write” is being developed for Chrome. This tool has been spotted in various Google products such as Gmail for mobile and Google Docs, indicating its potential integration across multiple platforms. Help Me Write aims to provide users with contextual writing suggestions for various purposes, such as blog posts or online reviews.

Using Help Me Write is simple. Users can enter a short prompt to provide the AI with some context, and the tool will generate relevant suggestions to assist in the writing process. This feature has the potential to streamline content creation and improve the overall quality of written material.

Release Date and Future Updates

While the exact release date for these AI-driven features in Google news update is yet to be confirmed, there are speculations that they may be introduced in Chrome 122, scheduled for February 2024. However, it is important to keep in mind that release schedules can change, and features in development may undergo revisions or be delayed.


The upcoming Google news update promises exciting AI-driven features that will allow users to create personalized themes and receive contextual writing suggestions. With the Create Theme with AI feature, users can unleash their creativity and design unique desktop themes by selecting subjects, art styles, moods, and color palettes. Additionally, the Help Me Write feature aims to assist users in generating high-quality written content by providing contextual writing suggestions.

While these features are currently available in the experimental Chrome Canary version, there is no guarantee that they will be included in future releases. However, they provide valuable insights into Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance user experience through AI-driven technologies.