Create Tab Groups in Android’s Chrome Browser

Recently, Google has been working on a lot features to increase user experience on Chrome. They have included another feature of tab group in Android’s Chrome browser. 

“Tab groups”, is one of the best features launched by Chrome as it allows users to be more organized. This feature allows you bunch up your tabs into more useful chunks rather than randomly scattering them across your browser or on your phone, on separate pages. In order to access this unique feature today, you will have to enable a semi-hidden flag in your browser.   

How to Create Tab Groups in Android’s Chrome Browser? 

The process of creating tab groups is not difficult, start by making sure you’re running the latest version of Chrome on your Android device that is updatable via the Google Play Store.  

Then, simply launch the browser and enter this into the address bar: chrome://flags 

You’ll be taken to a screen; 

Search for “Tab Grid,” tap on the drop-down for the Tab Grid Layout flag, then select the regular “Enabled” option. Then, relaunch Chrome and tap on the box to the right side of your address bar to open up a few new tabs. Now, you’ll see that they’re now organized in a grid layout.  

How do you group these tabs? 

 It’s very easy. All you have to do is to simply long-press on one and drag it over another. Repeat this process to add more tabs to your tab group. 

You can also tap into the group itself and use the “+” icon to add new tabs within it whatever fits in. 

If you want to group multiple tabs at once then, tap on the triple-dot icon in the upper-right corner of this screen and select the new Group tabs option. Then, you’ll be able to just tap on all the free tabs you want to arrange in a group, and then tap the Group button to make them become new friends. 

Finally, if you long-press on any hyperlink in a normal Chrome window, you’ll see the option to open the new tab in a group. Tap it, and the original page you were viewing will now be grouped together with the new link you long-pressed, and you’ll see icons for both at the bottom of your Chrome browser.  

This is the easy method for navigating between tabs in your group, and you can also use the “+” icon to the right to quickly add more tabs. 

If you don’t like the grid layout or tab groups, you can always disable the feature again using the same Tab Grid Layout flag as before. Simply set it to “disabled,” and your browser will revert to the way it was before. 

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Windows 10 security boost is what Microsoft Edge is getting as a Greeting

Edge is now even much more secure in terms of accessing and storing of passwords.

Microsoft has begun rolling out a new security feature for Edge in Windows 10 that will prevent unconfirmed users from using the auto-place feature to enter passwords in their browsers.

Just like with other modern browsers, Microsoft Edge contains a built-in password manager that allows users to store and auto placement their passwords.

While convenient, the browser’s password management feature could be abused if a user steps away from their computer.

  • A list of all the leading browsers available have been updated and sink together.
  • You can say the best password administrators available in the market.
  • And to top it all the  best endpoint protection available

That’s the reason , A new optional feature is being tested by Microsoft in Canary build of  Edge that will require successful user to go through a validation process before you can begin using auto placement to login to your credentials.

Validation required

Before allowing the user to auto flow passwords this new feature will require user to go through the security protocols using windows Hello once it has been implemented in Edge.

The best part is that users devices that don’t support windows help can also use this feature.

First, users need to go to Edge’s settings, and then select the “Password” option in the “Profile” page.

Here, you can decide whether the browser will automatically log in to your website, or whether you want to require authentication every time you try to log in.

There is also an option that only requires you to log in once every minute or every time. The session when trying to automatically stream the password.

After enabling this new security feature in Edge, a Windows security prompt will appear every time you try to enter a stored password using the browser’s auto-completion feature.

You will be able to enter a PIN or use other Windows Hello methods (such as facial recognition or fingerprint matching) for authentication and have Edge automatically completes the password.

Edge Canary users are currently testing this feature, but in the future when the Microsoft Chromium-based browser is updated, it will become a stable version of Edge.

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Apple: iOS 14.5 has serious issues to look up on

Apple said today that the next operating system IOS 14.5 will be soon available and now the developers need to take security very seriously as stakes are high now and it might seriously damaged the Apple’s developers plan.

As already mentioned earlier that fingerprint recognition of the device was incorrect. Tracking calls and data of people is what fingerprinting does.

Apple today mentioned in its developer website that: “collecting user and device data to obtain the users only representative or fingerprint still is in violation of apple developer program license agreement”

Apple with their developers for app

Apple didn’t allow their developers to update their apps as of third party software that was gathering data about system updates, battery status, location and more.

This was conveyed to them that their apps is creating a unique code to track the user.

So now the update release is more important in order to reject these app update.

Now with new update the user will decide to give access to apps to track them, collect data and share it with other companies

For example IDFA collect the data from its loyal customers and best mobile app users and send these IDS to facebook and google for marketing campaigns and stuff.

So apple want to be transparent with its customers by letting them aware of their data being sent to them for such activity. Apple also needed to be informed as well about it.

Any sort of tracking should be informed before submission of review about the app and if only the permission is granted by the user you can access his or her information for promotional stuff.

And you must have put a personal string in the system prompt to clearly mentioned the reason to track the particular user. This will applies to IOS 14.5, I pad os 14.5, tvos 14.5.

Now app developers and publishers have to act fast and implement the changes on IOS 14 which was released earlier.

If they are unable to fulfill the requirement they will violate the apple’s agreement.

And there are past examples the apps which violates the agreement with apple are at higher risk of being removed from the app store permanently.

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New Gmail with Google Chat.

The purpose of Gmail will see Chat messaging and organization Rooms and be a part of the prevailing Meet video calling integration.

This is already available to business enterprise Workspace customers, and Google is now letting non-public Gmail bills get this “integrated workspace.

Google desires to make Gmail your new “domestic for work.” The aim is to allow customers get the entirety achieved in a single web page while not having to hold switching among different tabs.

Since you’re possibly to have Gmail open on desktop, that’s in which Google is integrating the entirety.

Gmail with 4 sections.

 “Mail” and “Meet” were in location for the past few months. “Chat” is in which you may message specific someone and small groups, whilst “Rooms”, like their Slack equivalents are devoted to large conversations with shared chat, files, and tasks.

This manifests as a backside bar with 4 tabs on Android, whilst the Gmail sidebar at the internet is cut up into 4 sections.

They are proven via way of means of default, however may be fast hidden via way of means of clicking the chevron.

Tapping a “Chat” button opens the contact special in the bottom-property nook of your display screen. Rooms view the entire display screen and refresh the default message list.

The new tabs’ functionality is identical to that of the standalone Google Chat app, with customers able to uninstall the dedicated client.

Next to the search bar, which can now search each “mail and chat” on the internet, is a standing indicator (Automatic, Do now not interrupt, Set as away), with those controls on the side of the Gmail navigation drawer on mobile.

Other changes include new ‘outline’ symbol designs in the internet interface. Many free non-public Google accounts nowadays permit the brand new Gmail with Chat on both Android and the internet.

This amusement isn’t always available for the iOS app. The permission in their adman’s is required by enterprise bills.

To get started, make sure you have the most recent version of Gmail installed from the Play Store, as Google warns that “you can enjoy insects and other issues.”

To gain access, one must allow Chat “Early Access” on all of their Android devices and the internet, as well as Google Accounts.

Activating on one no longer gives the latest experience to all of your Gmail instances.

How to show on new Gmail with Chat, Rooms


  • Open Settings (at backside of nav drawer)
  • Tap non-public Gmail account
  • Under General, select “Chat (Early Access)
  • ” Click “Try it”
  • Gmail app relaunches with academic and set off to show off notifications from standalone Google Chat app (if installed)


  • Select “Google Chat (Early Access) alternatively of “Classic Hangouts”
  • Confirm pop-up box

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Microsoft is urging businesses to test Windows 10 21H1 ahead of its May release.

Microsoft now reports to commercial users that Windows 10 21H1, a term it first was using in August 2020 prior to the start of the minor fall update of that year, is ready for ‘commercial pre release validation.’

Aria Carley, Senior Program Manager, wrote a March 18 post on a company blog: “Windows 10, version 21 H1, is now available for business customers to start testing and validating features before it is released on general availability.

Microsoft has not yet released the Windows 10 21h1 launch date, the first feature update in the year, as shown by the designation for the H1 for the first-half.

However, the maker of Redmond, Wash. suggested a month ago that spring refresh was, compared to previous years, a slight update, one with little new features or a little new features.

“The version 21H1 is to be shipped with the enablement kit to devices that run Windows10, 2004 or 20H2,”

she said. “It is the same technology used for upgrading Windows 10 computers, 2004 version to 20H2 version.”

Carley described the enablement kit as that tiny fragment of code was what last year converted the Windows 10 2004 to 20H2.

That was true, since 20H2 was almost the same as in 2004 and by the time 20H2 had been published in 2004.

The Second Minor Update

Since Windows 10 21H1 is the second minor update in a row, it works on all Windows 10 20H2 or 2004 PCs.

These systems that run Windows 10 earlier would have to download the entire OS to 21H1. (The manual download is available in the image disc of. ISO format or via WSUS.).

This is also the second update that Microsoft has specifically advised business customers to start testing the version.

Last year, Microsoft made exactly two months before it unveiled the so-called “Validation commercial pre-release” announcement on Windows 10 20H2.

This announcement appears to have been determined by Microsoft as it prepares to make a small update to the service operation.

New Launch

Microsoft is going to launch Windows 10 21 H2 in its third week in Mai, maybe 20th or 21st May if it reaches the schedule for 2020—announcement made just two months prior to publication.

Ironically, Microsoft’s announcement of open testing for Windows 10 21H1 does not sway corporate IT personnel; the spring upgrade, regardless of how major or minor, comes with just 18 months of support, a year less than the 30 months granted by each fall’s refresh to the Windows 10 Enterprise and Education SKUs (stock-keeping units).

Spring updates can be, in simple terms and, unless required to do so under conditions, such as systems owned to exhaust assistance over the next seven or eight months, organizations are unlikely to be bothered to use 21H1.

The version should be supported until Dec. 13, 2022, with a launch of Windows 10 21H1 almost certain in May.

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Windows 10X is ready to come out!!!

Earlier this year, we looked at what has been claimed to be a preliminary Windows 10X build on one single-screen PC. Since then, we have not heard nor seen much about the introduction of the app, but a new report says it will have more information about when the first Windows 10X system is available.

Microsoft plans to sign up for a Windows 10X shipping building this spring and a start tentatively expected for the second half of 2021 according to Windows Central.

Microsoft supposed to be shipping in the spring the first single-screen PC with Windows 10X, but could not sign off on shipping build in time.

Windows 10X is a Windows 10 edition that was originally developed for foldable PCs and is not familiar to you.

However, a change in strategy can be seen where Windows 10X design by Microsoft for single-screen PCs, establishing a rival Chrome OS experience.

In reality, the programmer from Microsoft takes plenty of Chrome OS design hints, which celebrated its 10th anniversary recently.

According to the Windows Central, “will not be focusing on consumer products. However,” Microsoft is said to be aiming at low-cost educational and business customers.

The firm have planning a big upgrade known at the Sun Valley which is aimed at rejuvenating and upgrading Windows 10.

Apparently, despite additional development time, Microsoft is not planning on adding local support to Windows 10X when it is released.

Windows Central says that Windows Virtual and Cloud PC as streaming solutions for legacy applications is a priority of Microsoft.

It is likely that the Windows 10X launch schedule would match the back to the summer school season. It’s purely conjecture on our side, but it seems to make most sense when we consider a “second half” goal. Of course, any new updates related to the Windows 10X launch will continue to be updated.

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