Google Advertising: How to develop a successful Ads Strategy?

Published June 22, 2023
Author: Ash Khan

Google Advertising: How to develop a successful Ads Strategy?

Published June 22, 2023
Author: Ash Khan

It is difficult to come up with Google advertising concepts. However, having a strong strategy is worth the effort. With over 3.5 billion searches every day, Google provides you with an excellent chance to reach the proper audience.

Before we go into strategy, let’s first define Google AdWords. Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is a PPC advertising platform. You can create quality traffic, interact with your target clients, and boost sales with the correct plan.

Its biggest feature is that it helps you to maintain an ad budget by limiting your advertising to weekly or monthly. You may also pause or interrupt the advertisements at any moment.

If you’re still not persuaded of the platform’s effectiveness, perhaps the following figures will help:

  • 58 per cent of Millennials have purchased a product because of internet or social media advertisements.
  • google ad was clicked on by 63% of users.

The only remaining issues are: how can you stand out in this virtual throng with so many marketers using the platform? How can you develop Google advertising that put you in front of the right people at the right time?

Tips for Creating Google Advertising Concepts

Several elements go into creating and executing effective Google advertising campaigns. Here are several basic pointers to keep in mind:

Keyword Investigation

Keyword research is a critical component of any marketing. If you don’t get this section properly, it will be difficult to obtain the desired outcomes.

Forecasting Trends

Marketing relies heavily on predictions. Before you launch any campaign, you should have a rough notion of how successful (or unsuccessful) you will be.

You may utilize google ads keyword planner to receive forecasts for your chosen keywords. This planner may give you valuable information such as the number of clicks your ad may receive each day, the average cost of those clicks, the number of impressions, the click-through rate (CTR), and more. With this information, you can begin constructing a strong Google advertising strategy.

Successful Google Ads Ideas

It’s time to get down to business: what Google advertising strategies will help you achieve your objectives?

Create a Catchy Headline

There’s no doubt that a powerful headline influences your readers. Of course, this is what persuades people to click on the advertisement!

Here are some general guidelines for creating effective headlines:

  • Recognise your target audience. To whom are you speaking?
  • Include your primary keyword here.
  • Address a problem that your audience is experiencing.
  • In the headline, highlight the most significant advantage.
  • Don’t make things too complicated. Keep things as basic as possible.
  • Don’t be scared to inject some levity.

One of the most difficult aspects of a campaign is coming up with a catchy title. However, you get confused about the initial step. Consider using a method, such as Melanie Duncan’s 4U formula, to help you get started by creating helpful, urgent, unusual, and ultra-specific headlines.


Consider User Intent Before Exploring Google Advertising Ideas

We tend to focus on statistics while researching keywords, especially about monthly keyword search volume. How much does it cost per click (CPC)? What about the paid challenge? While all of these figures must be considered, the most crucial aspect of a keyword strategy should be user intent.

Why? Because user intent also known as “search intent” explains the “why” behind the term. Why did your target audience look up that specific keyword? Were they looking to buy anything, or were they just looking for additional information?

Understanding your audience’s objectives might help you choose which keywords to target for maximum ROI.

User intentions are classified into four types:

  • Informational: This is when a person wants to learn more about a certain issue.
  • Commercial: When a consumer wants to learn more about a certain product or service. This person will most likely make a purchase soon, but they are currently conducting research.
  • Transactional: This is when a user wants to take action, such as purchasing a product.

Because you’ll be providing your audience with what they want, paying attention to user intent can help you rank better and get more clicks.


Publicize Limited Offer Sales

Any offer that includes a ticking clock naturally pushes your audience to act quickly and buy the goods or services. That is why limited offer deals are so effective. A limited offer sale is simply any deal, discount, or incentive you provide to customers who buy during a specific time.

Black Friday sales are a prime illustration of this. Every year, Black Friday sales appear to set new records, with customers spending a staggering amount.


Customers are urged to buy immediately because they know they have to wait a long time to buy discounted prices again. If you have seasonal sales for any of your items, design advertising around these deals.

Track and Use Google Advertising Data for Iterative Improvements

Your KPIs are one of the most critical aspects of every successful advertising campaign. There are several relevant metrics you may measure depending on your ad aims, including:

  • the total amount of clicks
  • The conversion rate of CTR to CPC
  • Tracking your KPIs allows you to see if you’re on pace to reach your objectives

For example, if you discover that you’re receiving a lot of clicks on your advertisements but your CTR is low, it might suggest that your headline and keywords are bringing you in front of your target audience’s eyes. However, something about the advertisement isn’t clicking. It might be a duplicate. It may be the price of the goods or services. Perhaps the headline does not correspond to the offer in the actual ad.


Improve Your Landing Page

You’ve worked hard to create a fantastic headline, discover the perfect keywords, and bid on them. While these procedures will earn you clicks, what occurs after your market has clicked is crucial. As you are aware, people must still believe in the product or service you are offering.

Your landing page is critical since it is what your user sees after clicking on your ad. Examine if the landing page effectively addresses the pain points of your target market. Does it address your audience’s problems in addition to addressing them?

An excellent landing page has several aspects, such as testimonials, the correct graphics, and shorter forms, to mention a few.

Be Specific in Your Google Ads

We discussed the significance of understanding user intent while conducting keyword research since it helps you target the proper keywords.

Now we want to emphasize the significance of specificity. Your keywords should not be too wide since this may lead Google to show your ad to the incorrect market. Due to this fewer conversions would result.

For example, “children’s toys” may appear to be a strong keyword at first glance, but you might perform better by becoming more precise.

In your keywords, strive for clarity and precision. Instead, then just “children’s toys,” consider:

“children’s Toys for Boys”

“children’s Toys for Girls”

“children toys in Sydney”


It may take some time to find the correct keywords, but that’s alright. Keep track of which terms are receiving the most clicks and which aren’t. This might assist you understand what you should focus on and what you should add, eliminate, or alter to get the high conversion rates you desire.

Make Your Google Ads Mobile-Friendly

While creating your ads and brainstorming new Google advertising ideas, remember many people conduct searches on their mobile devices. Most individuals conduct searches on mobile phones, therefore it makes logical to keep these users in mind.

Ad optimization for mobile comprises the following steps:

  • selecting designs for responsive landing pages
  • image compression
  • ensuring that the loading speed is rapid

These minor tweaks may have a significant influence on how your ads seem to your target demographic and your total conversion rate.


It takes a lot of effort to come up with a successful Google Ads strategy. While the procedure is time-consuming, the improved clicks and conversions are well worth it.

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