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Act swiftly if your website is hacked. our services include

Examine website and fix vulnerability

Investigage breaches

Expert guidance for repairment


We can clean Malware, Spyware, and Suspicious Code in Your Website

To secure your website and personal information, you must act immediately if you see a notification that reads, "This website may be hacked." Please don't give up, even though it may appear like all of your time, effort, and money were squandered. The malware removal solution offered by an IT Company Malaysia will fix your website and make it safer against future attacks.

According to research, internet criminals are on the rise, along with professional computer hacking, and they may easily damage the reputation of a business or a person. Hence, IT Company Malaysia's Hacked Website Repair service is a must-have for every serious organisation with online investment. Check out the video for more detail!

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We Do More Than Just Fix Sites

Being hacked damages your reputation immediately and reveals private information, endangering your company. To lessen these effects and quickly restore your site, we integrate the below features to carry out website repair to its total capacity.

Expert's Support
Expert's Support
Database Cleaning
Database Cleaning
Prevent Future Hacks
Prevent Future Hacks
Malicious Code Removal
Malicious Code Removal
Priority Treatment
Priority Treatment
Vulnerability Patching
Vulnerability Patching
Manual site cleaning
Manual site cleaning
 Security Fixes
Security Fixes
Vulnerability Scanning
Vulnerability Scanning

We Detect Malware and Viruses that Other Providers Overlook.

In order to be so quick, and ensure that every virus is removed while your website stays open for business, we layer our resources in a way that fits your requested service.
To provide our customers with the best results possible, we at IT Company Malaysia have been modifying and improving our scanning tools constantly. Our security professionals can make sure that every component of your site has been scanned and cleaned. This multi-layered approach ensures that we don't just drive hackers off your website temporarily, but permanently.
When it comes to maintaining your company's social media accounts, it is not wise to depend on a single strategy. They are all social media sites, yes, but each one is unique in its own way. Each of these social media platforms has unique advantages and features that might benefit your company, much like firms in the same field. You must therefore have a successful social strategy across multiple platforms.

What Does Hacked Website Repair Include?

Hacked Website Repair
Quick Response

IT Company Malaysia will start working on your website as soon as possible and monitor the problem until it is resolved.

Commercial-Level Scanning

Every file on your website is scanned and examined for malware, spam injections, blackhat SEO techniques, and other threats.

Cleanse and Repair

We fix all problems caused by hacks, such as phishing, drive-by downloads, backdoors, and other dangerous files.

Future Security Precautions Provided

IT Company Malaysia's focus is on prevention, thus we'll provide you a thorough guide on how to safeguard your website going forwards.

Skilled Web Professionals

We rely on IT Company Malaysia's years of expertise in cutting-edge web development to fix hacked websites.

Complete Billing Security

We securely invoice and charge our services, so there are no unforeseen costs.

Why Choose IT Company Malaysia’s Website Repair Service

IT Company Malaysia experts employ the most secure techniques to safeguard your website's security and eliminate viruses and malware.

Cleanup & Repair

Including phishing, drive-by downloads, backdoors, and other harmful files, we resolve all hack-related concerns.

Automatic Updates

We examine the software on your website to look for any potential security holes. We update your software if it's possible to do so to benefit from the most recent security upgrades.

Web Specialists

Regarding restoring hacked websites, IT Company Malaysia has years of experience in innovative web construction.

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Do you have questions? Here are some of the frequently asked questions that can help you.

You can restore a hacked website by removing the virus and restoring a backup file. The procedure is, however, somewhat complicated. If unsure of your technical abilities, we advise hiring a cyber security specialist to help stop additional website harm.

Hackers typically obtain website access by convincing users to take specific activities, guessing users' passwords, injecting code, and using malware.

Yes, it is. Hackers are often discovered due to their carelessness, repeated usage of the same code, and internet forums where they boast about their exploits.

Here are some precautions you can implement to prevent hackers from breaking into your website.
● Back up all of your files and data.
● Don't use generic usernames, and change your password.
● Keep the comment section safe
● Update all programmes regularly and avoid adding unused files to your website's web root
● Update Your Knowledge of Security and Bug Fix Releases
● Go with a dedicated or cloud server upgrade

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