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Professional eBay Store Designing service

Take advantage of our store marketing tools and build your eBay traffic the smart way. Maximum exposure means maximum profits!

  • Take advantage of Store marketing tools
  • Manage Your Store
  • Drive buyers directly to your Store now
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Selling with eBay Stores

Increase your eBay Sales and get chance to Sell more on eBay.You can easily sell anything on eBay and are able to make money. You can also Optimize your Presence on eBay. Whether you are just getting started or are an experienced eBay Power Seller, having an eBay store is a wonderful way to reach potential customers you may not get through eBay auctions. A professional looking eBay store makes you look more professional as an on-line seller. An image of professionalism adds to your credibility in customer’s minds. As an added benefit, an eBay Store gives you access to eBay’s Business Resource Center, where you can download templates for professional looking business cards and much more.

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Take advantage of Store marketing tools

  • Powerful marketing tools to drive sales
  • Picture tools to showcases your items to turn browsers into buyers
  • Advanced reporting tools to get informed of your store’s sales and traffic
marketing tools

Manage Your Store

  • Directly connect with Magento CMS and manage your eBay inventory from your website
  • Make your store magnet for your buyers with your own customizable pages on the web
  • A unique and branded page on eBay where all your listings go live
  • Optimize your store for search engines and boost your exposure on the web

Boost your brand through exclusive merchandising features

  • Featured listings are a great way to showcase your select inventory
  • Keep your customers coming back with customized e-newsletters and promotional emails
  • Facility to create your own sales and holiday settings
boost brand
Drive buyers

Drive buyers directly to your Store now

  • Create your own logo and branding throughout shop
  • Improved design to turn browsers into buyers
  • Simplify sales management with access to free selling tools
  • Get your very own URL (stores.ebay.com/yourstorename) to promote online and offline
One time


  • Online Store
  • 10 Products
  • Manual Order creation
  • Sell on online marketplaces and social media. Channel availability varies by country.
  • Discount Codes monthly
  • Free SSL Certificate
One time


  • Online Store
  • 20 Products
  • Manual Orders Creation
  • Sell on online marketplaces and social media. Channel availability varies by country.
  • Discount Codes setup
  • Professional Reports
One time


  • Online Store
  • 30 Products
  • Manual Orders Creation
  • Sell on online marketplaces and social media. Channel availability varies by country.
  • Discount Codes setup
  • Professional Reports

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Optimizing your eBay Presence

By creating a brand you can stand out from the crowd and reassure buyers that you are a safe bet. You can even take advantage of free marketing for your eBay business. You can display your all items which you have for sales on eBay and each shop has its own URL. You can also customize your shop to your branding which leads to increase sales.

What’s an eBay store?

An eBay Store is a comprehensive ecommerce solution and helps you get more out of the eBay marketplace and the millions of buyers worldwide who shop on eBay through online auction format. You get exclusive marketing and merchandising tools, plus great customization features to build a strong brand that keeps customers coming back.

Why open an eBay store?

With eBay Stores, sellers can choose the subscription package that’s most profitable for the way they sell. The vast majority of higher-volume sellers who sell more than 50 items per month can get significant savings with dramatically reduced upfront costs compared to eBay standard fees. Plus, get powerful tools to help build, manage, promote, and track your eBay presence for greater selling success.

Who can open an eBay store?

To open an eBay store, you must meet the following requirements:

* You must have an eBay seller’s account, with your credit card placed on file.

* You must have a verified premier PayPal account.

* To open a premium or anchor store, you cannot have a below standard seller performance rating as shown in your seller dashboard.

Is an eBay store right for me?

In evaluating the benefits of an eBay store, you should consider your listing volume and most frequently used listing format. If you’re an existing eBay seller, enter your selling activity into the Fee Illustrator to determine which eBay stores subscription may best fit your needs. For many sellers, an eBay Store subscription can reduce overall fees significantly. eBay Stores is also one of the best ways to establish your brand with a custom Store home page and custom header and logo that appear in your listings.

How do I list items in my eBay store?

All items currently listed on eBay will automatically show up in your eBay store. To list new items, click the “Sell” button at the top of any eBay page. You’ll go through a step-by-step process that makes it easy to list your item and find appropriate categories for your item. If you would like to list in bulk, you can use advanced seller tools like Turbo Lister, Selling Manager, or your favorite listing tool.

What level store should I open?

The store level you open will depend on your listing frequency and which formats you use. Each store level has its own subscription-based listing fees. To maximize your exposure and minimize your costs, use the Fee Illustrator to find the subscription level that’s best for you.

* Basic store: An ideal solution for sellers who are just starting out and want an affordable and easy-to-use platform to sell online, and for sellers listing a high volume in the auction-style format.

* Premium store: A more comprehensive solution for small- to medium-sized sellers who want to aggressively grow their online business. Great choice for higher-volume sellers (more than 250 items per month) and sellers listing in both auction-style and fixed price formats.

* Anchor store: An advanced solution for higher-volume sellers who want maximum exposure on eBay. Higher-volume sellers get top savings and the lowest package rates on eBay.

Can I use HTML to design my store home page?

Yes. store sellers can create a custom header with HTML just below the standard eBay store header. In addition, store sellers can build a completely customized Store home page using HTML. To take advantage of these customization opportunities, go to the Manage My Store page and click on “Store Design” in the left column. Sellers can also easily create links to their Store by using HTML Builder, located in the left column in Manage My Store.

How does eBay help me promote my store to millions of buyers?

Your eBay store is promoted to millions of buyers on eBay in several ways:

* All of your item pages contain an eBay Stores icon next to your user ID that links buyers to your eBay store.

* The eBay store Directory drives buyers to your store.

* Your eBay store comes with your own personalized web address so you can drive buyers directly to your store.

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