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Quickly build your website online yourself with powerful drag and drop tools

Website Builder

Website Builder – Create Your Website Now

Building your website with IT Company Malaysia is by far the easiest way to create an online presence. No matter what is your computer literacy level, we help you create a world class, fully functional and attractive website in minutes without the need to study a manual or download software.

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Customize Anything You Want

  • Have great design tools, content managing system and great search-engine optimization
  • A wide array of pre-designed website template
  • Can merge your own stuff with pre-designed templates
  • Drag and drop objects to the exact location and displayed on your page
Customise Anything

Go live with your own domain

  • Have Your Own Custom Domain Name
  • Add branded email addresses, custom website footer reflecting your theme
  • Register your very own web address and have it automatically configured to work live

Add a shopping cart to your site

  • Get powerful e-commerce platform that will help thrust your business into the 21st century
  • Instantly accept Credit Card payments from your website
  • Set up shipping rules and tax rates in few simple clicks
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Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support, Not Just Website

  • Get instant help from real web experts
  • Tracking report to help you get more web traffic
  • Learn about your visitors and decide where to focus your efforts
$37.39 Monthly
(When you pay annually)


  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • No Weekly Ads
  • HD Video & Audio
  • Password Protection
  • Membership Registration
  • eCommerce (Up to 10 Products)
  • Weekly eCommerce Transaction Fee (3%)
  • Search Engine Optimisation
$58.19 Monthly
(When you pay annually)


  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • No Weekly Ads
  • HD Video & Audio
  • Password Protection
  • Membership Registration
  • eCommerce (Up to 25 Products)
  • Weekly eCommerce Transaction Fee (3%)
  • Search Engine Optimization
$124.74 Monthly
(When you pay annually)


  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • No Weekly Ads
  • HD Video & Audio
  • Password Protection
  • Membership Registration
  • eCommerce (Unlimited Products)
  • Weekly eCommerce Transaction Fee (0%)
  • Search Engine Optimization

Why with IT Company Malaysia?

Easily create your own professional website!

Basically, it’s a program that allows you to construct a website without the need for manual code-editing. IT Company Malaysia gives you a fabulous platform for non-technical users and this will lead to huge savings.

You can find several website builders on the market, with varying prices, features, support and capabilities. We offer a user-friendly, easily accessible, feature-packed website builder at reasonable price.

What is the Website Builder?

The Website Builder is an easy to use program that walks you through creating a website using pre-existing page templates. It is not an HTML editor.

How do I use the Website Builder?

Website Builder does not require any big downloads or complicated installations. You can access it from our Online Customer support center in the my account section. Log in with your username and password. A link to the Website Builder is found under personal website button. Simply click on the link and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Do I have to know HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) to use the Infinity Website Builder?

No. Using the Website Builder does not require any knowledge of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language is used to design web pages and is read by web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer.)

Is there a manual/tutorial for the Website Builder?

No. The Infinity Website Builder is so simple, it walks you through the process of creating your own webpages. Some functions do include a “Help” link that provides additional explanations when clicked on.

Can I modify the page templates?

Yes. The Website Builder allows you to change background colors, font colors, font sizes, and font types. If you know HTML, you can access the page files directly and make even more modifications.

Can I still upload my own files?

Yes. You can use an FTP program, or the Website Builder’s File Manager, to upload your own files to your public_html directory.

Will using the Website Builder delete my old website?

Yes, Website Builder will save over old files in your public_html directory that are the same name as the new files it creates. If you want to keep those old files, we recommend you rename them first, or move them to a different directory.

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